Sir Bolt Edit

In-Lore Summoner Name: Pallys

Actual Name: Azadan Bolt (commonly called simply, Sir Bolt)

Title: Apparently Mute Man

Gender: Male

Species: Augmented Human, altered with odd energy from the plane of wind

Professions: Armed Scout Leader of the 12th Squadron, Orphan Collector

Hobbies: Being Bowed down to by people who are slower than himself, Being very egotistical, Yelling "You're too slow" at his comrades.

Afiliations: Zaun, *He goes into a long story here with narcissistic implications quickly arriving within it.* Slight Bilgewater. Slight Shurima.

Appearance Edit

Azadan Bolt looks like a well dressed man with a particularly nice hat. His shoes are almost always polished as if under some form of magical spell. His pants are slightly odd in comparison to other pants, although the details between the two are hard to tell without a direct comparison. He is a rather tall and skinny man who upon looking at him typically would seem completely human. His legs when further studied are a form of augmented robotics that seemingly spark very slightly at random.

Backstory Edit

When Azadan was a child he quickly became custom to living within the slums, he was an orphan at his own hands, but was quickly taken out as a test subject from the slums by a very unknown corporation. Here he over went insane amounts of testing with elements from different planes of existence. The most prevalent ones being: the use of magic, and incredible speed, which got him the subject name: Bolt. Released at the beginning the Hextech Revolution, he quickly became a prevalent force in the Hexcorp and The Institute. Past this he became a summoner with his new prevalent magic. He decided to aid in various battles as much more of a scout than a fighter, but is perfectly capable of fighting all by himself.

After the Hextech Revolution he followed several of his friends over to Bilgewater. Plus, he thought it might be particularly fun to be a pirate. There he played a decent roll playing the champion Twisted Fate. These weren't particularly memorable moments for him. During this time he played a key roll in saving several matches due to finding actual rules for the match as to aid his faction putting them back in a more neutral position. He had a similar story moving towards Shurima in the factions list. Although, he definitely didn't want to join Noxus because he decided to test those who would fight for them. After the early sanctions were employed he became very annoyed. He chose to fight significantly less within the rest of the arc.

He now remains neutral in the current conflict to see what factions particularly fit his tastes if any. He'll watch until something catches his eye.

At the note of hearing a recent tournament Azadan decided to pledge his side in hopes of winning it for Bilgewater, and began training right away to help his team, and the Freljordian team.