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YAR HAR HAR! The sea takes no prisoners!

Overview Edit

Bilgewater is a maritime city-state and plays a major role in global trade. It sponsored Nami’s entrance into the League and gave a voice to the previously marginalized Marai. During the Nyroth dispute, Bilgewater expanded from a mere port town to the hub of a maritime alliance including both the Marai and the Atlanteans, whom it saved from certain doom by restoring the Lunari Order and forging new moonstones to ward off the monsters of the abyss. It has strong military and commercial ties to both Noxus and Zaun. It lies directly in the path of the Black Mist, and faces an annual onslaught of undead horrors.

Though Bilgewater entered the League some time ago, it has only just begun to define itself as something more than a den of pirates and other seafarers.

Champions Edit

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Factions History Edit

Bilgewater mercenaries were briefly involved in Shon-Xan , where both Ionia and Noxus were allowed to use up to one Bilgewater Champion per match in a tournament.

Bilgewater's first arc it participated in was Nyroth . It took second place out of four factions, and explored many islands surrounding the main contienent. It gained status as official emissaries to Nyroth, and used its pull in the League to help some of the islands create a Northern Confederation. During the battles on Krocylea , it sent Renekton to aid the Shadow Isles during the first bout, deployed its troops to drive back the Void upon its arrival, and bombarded the Shadow Isles from the sea during the last bout.

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Knife goes in, guts come out. That's what the Slaughter Docks is all about!

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