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It began on 16 May, 25 CLE when Azir raised the Sun Disc above Shurima for the first time in more than two thousand years. After repelling a ferocious Noxian assault on his restored capital, and seizing the mansion of the Piltovian governor tasked with transforming a swath of Shurima into a suitably “civilized” corridor for its transcontinental velocitronic railway, Azir demanded Shurima’s admission into the League of Legends, declaring that his Empire would live again, more glorious than ever.

Azir’s Champions and Summoners proved their mettle on the Fields of Justice, and on 6 July, 25 CLE, the Council decreed that Shurima would be admitted as a member-state of the League, with Azir as its Emperor. The Shuriman Empire was granted dominion over its historic capital and the southern city of Dar’Khos, both of which are now protected by League decree, as would be the homeland of any member-state.

With the membership petition resolved, the hard-won truce that extended over that process broke apart. War returned to Shurima, as these three factions fought both on and off the Fields of Justice to stake their claims to the remainder of the Shurima desert.

Although Shurima won its independence in an astonishing show of strength, the allegiance of Azir’s court began to fragment as the war dragged on. With the immediate objective of independence achieved, the various sub-factions began pursuing their individual and at times mutually incompatible objectives. Piltover held the line against Shuriman and Noxian incursions and completed the construction of the velocitronic railway segment linking Demacia to Bandle City, and drastically increasing international access to Shuriman markets. Meanwhile, Noxian mages adapted to ancient Shuriman magic, and its battle-hardened legions reclaimed territory from Azir’s increasingly disorganized bands of fanatics and mercenaries. Through a series of victories on the Fields of Justice and in the theater of war, Noxus claimed final victory as to the second phase of the dispute. A great deal of the Shurima Desert is now under Noxian rule, although Noxus can only exercise this power through a League-created protectorate regime.

Hear now the judgment of the Council of the League of Legends, final arbiter among nations.

THE EMPIRE OF SHURIMA is hereby recognized as a member-state of the League of Legends. The capital city of SHURIMA shall be its permanent domain, and it shall forevermore rule over THE CIVIC REPUBLIC OF DAR’KHOS and THE CITY OF BEL’ZHUN.

THE SHURIMAN PROTECTORATE created at the founding of the League is hereby DISSOLVED, its function having been fulfilled. Those territories not held by Shurima shall be administered under separate protectorates overseen by THE GRAND MERITOCRACY OF NOXUS and THE MUNICIPAL REPUBLIC OF PILTOVER.

Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Valoran array themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.


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