Name: Devereaux "Dex" Bonheur

Title(s): Member of the Freljord Archeology Expedition

Gender, Species, and Age: 25 Years Old, Male, Human

Home: Piltover

Profession: Archeologist, Historian, and Summoner

Affiliations: Piltover (Native Nation), and Freljord (Adopted Home)

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 170Lbs

Appearance: Edit

Long shoulder-length black hair, almost always pulled back into to a single pony tail atop his head. With eyes Frost gray. He has a scar running from his left temple to just above the center of his lip from an accident during an early dig.

Background: Edit

Dex grew up in the wonder-us city of Piltover, yet as a child it was not the wonders of modern Hextech that captured his imagination but the stories of ancient heroes and conflicts long since ended, Dex spent much of his childhood, when not in school, reading these ancient tails of valor and heroism.

Yet, in the always forward looking city of Piltover there was not much opportunity for Dex to indulge his love of the Past, until the opportunity came in his university years to travel to the Freljord as apart of a Dig at the Howling Abyss. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for Dex; a chance to be where a defining moment of Valoran's history transpired.

During his time at the dig though he came to appreciate at least one aspect of his Homeland's forward looking philosophy...That tomorrows history is made in the present.

It is with that in mind that he committed himself to the league under the banner of not his birth place of Piltover but that of Freljord, for he believed that the future of Valoran would be defined by the land that had once ruled the north of the continent unopposed so many years ago.

Personality: Edit

Dex is mostly a soft spoken bookish type, falling prey to the tendency to over analyze a situation before committing to an idea. Although this may be a boon in his chosen profession it has lead to him being overlooked as a background actor in social situations.

He has the love of a convert for his new homeland of Freljord and believes that they can unite under one banner to shape the future of Valoran. That being said old hatreds die hard. He sees Zuans methods of progress at the cost of all else a threat to the very fabric of the land.