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With Demacia's victory in the Ceruleana dispute, it gained control of the island and access to the ocean goddess. After using Ceruleana's power in the name of order, the cosmic balance between order and chaos was disrupted. It resulted in Chaos striking back in a massive surge. A massive Void rift tears through the fabric of reality in Icathia, allowing the Void to invade Runeterra. Their forces were joined by the undead forces from the Shadow Isles and rampaged across Valoran.

The Disscord, an alliance between the Void and the Shadow Isles, fought against Bandle City, Demacia, and Piltover for control of Icathia within the Fields of Justice in a League dispute. The League was forced to recognize the Void as an official faction as a result of this massive attack. While the League dispute occurred, the Discord launched a massive assault against Noxus, hoping to destroy the strength of Valoran. Bandle City, Piltover, and even Demacia deployed its forces to defend Noxus in an attempt to defeat this mutual threat.

The Discord came out as the champion of the League dispute and was granted official ownership of Icathia. In the battle of Noxus, the Valorian alliance managed to just barely drive back the Discord, but much of Noxian land was tainted by the influence of the Void and its armies had suffered great casualties. This damage to Noxus would bring futher conflict to the island of Shon-Xan .



The Battle for Noxus