Dr. Gerald Lumos is a Piltovian inventor known for his work in vivatronic amplifier technology. He is indebted to agents of Icathia, who oversee his work on anti-necromantic weaponry and frequently use him as another source of influence in their nefarious dealings.[1]

Divinity DisputeEdit

In 26 CLE, Zaunite megacorporation Kalner Industries invoked a deceptive clause in its funding contract with Dr. Lumos to steal his laboratory and work from under him. As he contemplated destroying his life's work to thwart this scheme, he received an unexpected visit from an Icathian woman who somehow knew all about his situation and had come with a solution. In exchange for his "favor", she directed her contacts in the League to seize jurisdiction of the acquisition proceedings from the Piltover-Zaun Court of Mutual Commerical Pleas, on the grounds that it concerned the ongoing League dispute over the Guardian's Sea nexus. The delays created by this maneuver disrupted the precise timetable woven into the footnotes and subclauses of the Zaunite contract, and voided Kalner's acquisition rights.[2]

Dr. Lumos' vivatronic accelerator devices sold extremely well, given anxieties about the approaching Harrowing. The deals that followed were noticeably influenced by Icathian agents.[3]

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