The Institute of War is the central site of the League of Legends. The term refers both to the large facility situated between Noxus and Demacia, on League-controlled territory, and specifically to that branch of the League concerned with education and research.

Institute of War


Locations within the Institute of War include:

  • The Map Room: The Map Room is a high-security, hexproofed conference room centering on a three-dimensional scrying-map of Valoran.[1] Its walls are also adorned with maps; as of 26 CLE, this included a peculiar map of an alternate-reality Runeterra in which, notably, Bel'Zhun shared a border with Piltover. [2]
  • Black Archives: The Institute houses many powerful and dangerous artifacts under extreme protective measures. The most critical of these are stored within the Black Archives. When the Black Winter struck the Institute, High Councilor Kolminye's first priority was assuring that the Black Archives were not compromised, [3] The League's defense protocols presume that a Rune War would begin with Noxus or Demacia assaulting the Institute to seize the rune-weapons stored in the Black Archives. [4] Two runes were released from the Black Archives during the Divinity dispute: the Rune of Freedom and the Rune of Purity.[5]
  • Consular Archives: Vital historical records pertaining to the League are stored within the Consular Archives. [6] New records are admitted under oath and seal in an elaborate ceremony. [7]

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