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Merricurry is a Yordle Scientist, who—following the Grand Tournament of June, 24 CLE—agreed to work with Zaun to understand pyrikhos and develop practical applications for hextech machinery. She was made famous by her historic talk on March 30th, 24 CLE, as well as her subsequent additions to the widespread use of hextech technology, formerly an extremely rare and expensive application of techmaturgy.

Hextech Revolution: Breakthrough Edit

Mericurry void-runes

Merricurry was originally a well-respected Yordle in the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover. However, due to her excessive dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the unstable Void-Tainted sand known as Pyrikhos, she lost much of her prestige, respect, and position, relegated to an Academy basement with practically no funding. 

After 2,958 attempts, however, she discovered the pattern, the means to stabilize and utilize Pyrikhos as a reliable source of energy.[1]

Hextech Revolution: Trouble in Bandle City Edit


Following her successful attempt to break the 'code' of pyrikhos, Merricurry was flooded with various requests. Piltover simply asked for her process, offering her academic prestige. Bandle City appealed to her sense of Yordle-kind. Demacia simply sent a cease and desist order, fearing for the repercussions of tampering with Void magics. Zaun offered wealth, prestige, and her own lab.

She decided, due to the still randomly fluctuating nature of the array, she needed to learn more before she signed a research contract. She decided to travel to Shurima to learn more about the source of pyrikhos.[2] 

Hextech Revolution: A Scientist's Decision Edit

Following months studying in Shurima, Merricurry returned to the Institute, prompting a massive bidding war. in the end, the Insititute of War itself intervened, forming a tournament to determine who would win Merricurry's research. Few were surprised when Zaun swept the tournament.[3] Merricurry was recruited by Zaun and swiftly took control of research regarding Void and pyrikhos experimentation.

She was determined to make a name for herself, and the fevered lust for knowledge and power that is typically associated with the near, and completely, insane scientists of Zaun began to set in.[4]

Hextech Revolution: Battle of Shurima Edit

Merricurry spent months researching the effects of pyrikhos, but was caught in the Battle of Shurima, 24 CLE. She followed Viktor through the battle, seeing the monsters of the Void battle the Champions of Runeterra.[5] She was instrumental in closing the rift that was allowing the creatures of the void to invade this plane.[6]

Divinity Edit

Merricurry was involved with the discovery and location of the supposedly divine nexus that prompted the Divinity dispute. Her trademark dedication proved valuble in locating the convergence of the four leylines that led to the Nexus.[7]


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