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Mirrorwater was the first arc in the Factions storyline . It began when a comet fell from the sky and landed near the Institute of War. A magical silver pool was discovered at the crash site, which quickly gained the name Mirrowater. Noxus, Piltover, Demacia, and Ionia all competed for the League to grant them ownership over the Mirrorwater. The Freljord managed to briefly unite for a common cause and entered the dispute partway through and was ultimately victorious.

The Mirrorwater was divided up evenly between the various sub-factions of the Freljord. A third was given to Ashe and the Avarosan who official rule the Freljord, a third was given to Sejuani and the Winters Claw who seek to overthrow the Avarosan's rule, and a third was given to Trundle and the troll tribes who secretly serve Lissandra and the Frostguard.

The Avarosan used their portion of the Mirrorwater to construct a mighty ice fortress, giving them a large defensive bonus if they were ever to be attacked. The Winter's Claw used their share of the Mirrorwater to forge powerful new weapons and armor, greatly increasing their warriors fighting strength. Trundle and the troll tribes claimed to have drank their portion, but in fact gave it to Lissandra in secret. Lissandra used it to power her ice creating magic to attempt to cover the world in ice. This act of magic inevitably lead to the Ceruleana Dispute.


Piltover Rallies
Noxian Reinforcements
The Freljord Resolution
The True Noxus