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The Harrowing Approaches Edit

by CupcakeTrap

The Harrowing approaches. Across Valoran, family and friends gather for feasts, riotous parties, games, and late night chats that go on until daybreak.

But you, learned Summoners, you know why this is so: why so many nations’ traditions insist that, whatever you do, the Harrowing is no time to be alone. The astrological charts and manaflow equations from your Tenth Level studies at the Institute made it plain enough: the sun is the source of all life on Runeterra, and fall the gentle old age of its seasonal cycle, which turns anxious as the deathly chill of winter creeps along the branches. At this convergence of cycle and cycle, the souls of the restless dead recall their own final fading, that moment when life’s warmth drained away for the last time.

All you Summoners and Champions who have killed, beware this gathering of spirits, for they have not forgotten you in death. All you who now pry into the ruined vaults of Nyroth, seeking the mysteries of their tortured dead, beware what you may find! Oh, you say that you have heard all this before. But is this not the first Harrowing since Discord forever tore the veil between the world of the dead and our own? Yes, you would do well to prepare yourself for what may come, whether in the sanctified halls of Demacia, or the mighty fortresses of Noxus, or within the resplendent walls of the Institute, or the savage wilderness of Nyroth.

We also observe that for but a handful of inedible coppers you can treat yourself to one of these delicious cookies, including some shaped in a most whimsical caricature of High Councilor Kolminye herself! They’re baked fresh here at the Institute by authentic Bandle City confectioneers from the Happy Friends Bakery.

Or perhaps a chilling hexchromatic sensefilm of an authentic Bilgewater puppet show? Only two silvers apiece. And we’re proud to donate a portion of these proceeds to fund the next edition of the Summoner’s Herald, which has been delayed due to a significant increase in thaumic ink prices after the Shuriman scare.

Ah, yes, thank you, friend. Now step inside the booth, and close your eyes…

Tales of the Black Mist The Harrowing

Tales of the Black Mist The Harrowing

Ha! Bit of a scare, perhaps? A cookie to settle your nerves. Many thanks for your generosity, friend. Best of luck on the Fields.

Sensefilm created by the Riotous Fists Clan .

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