Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, is a Freljordian demi-god of the forge.[1] He faded away after the First Rune War, but after the discovery of the Guardian's Sea nexus and the restoration of divine energy to Runeterra, he returned and entered the League of Legends as a Champion on 23 August, 27 CLE.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The Age of Divinity[edit | edit source]

Ornn shaped the Freljord during the Age of Divinity, along with his brother Volibear and his sister Anivia. For example, he is credited with the creation of snow, or at least its prevalence in the Freljord.[3] He also forged the cage of the Howling Abyss, which held the Watchers.[4]

The Rune Wars[edit | edit source]

"I had followers once." (Ornn)

Ornn was present at the time of the First Rune War (2751 BLE–2600 BLE).[5] Unlike the more distant celestial pantheon, he was close to the "Hearthblood" people of the Freljord, and though he received their worship he did not consider himself their "patron".[6] This grounding likely sustained him through the arcane fallout from that conflict, when most other gods were either driven back into the celestial realm or warped into insane demonic beings.[7] The Rune of Purity banished most supernatural beings from Runeterra, but also diverted the power of mortal faith from gods to ideologies and national identities. Ornn's close ties to the Hearthblood became even closer.[8]

Ornn was not, however, entirely immune to the thaumatoxic effects of the Rune Wars, nor was unharmed when the Rune of Purity broke his connection to the celestial realm. His powers become less stable, and so did he. His last great achievement was the forging of the Kin-Fire circa 2600 BLE.[9] This cemented his connection with the Hearthblood people, and for a time, it seemed he might have a stable place in the corporeal world. That changed when a clash between Ornn and his brother, Volibear, destroyed the Hearthblood civilization.[10] When he saw the devastation, he was "wracked with guilt", and "retreated to the isolation of his foundry."[11]

After Ornn's descent into his forge, "almost all of his legends were excised from history by his enemies and the slow march of time."[12] Though the Hearthblood soon themselves vanished, some derivative cultures did retain fragments of stories about Ornn.[13]

The League Era[edit | edit source]

The Rune Wars ended with the founding of the League of Legends, and Summoners began using their magic to repair the damage done to Runeterra's arcanosphere. Volibear and Anivia entered the League as Champions, and continued to exercise their influence over the Freljord.

The formation of the Guardian's Sea Nexus, which projected divine energy back into Runeterra, drew Ornn back from his foundry. He joined the League of Legends on 23 August, 27 CLE, and participated in the dispute between the Freljord and the Shadow Isles over control of the Kin-Fire.

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