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Name: Oswald "Ozzy" Zepida

Titles: The Rockin' Noxian Battle Mage

Gender and Species: Male, Human

Age: 20

Profession: Battle Mage, Summoner, Part-Time Thief, Baked Goods Eater

Affiliations: Noxus, The Shadow Isles


Oswald has green eyes and longish brown hair that is generally kept up in a pony tail. He is tall, 6' 3", and thin as a rail. He generally wears reading glasses. His most distinctive features are the two small, red, fire tattoos on the palms of his hands that assist him in concentration.


Oswald, or Ozzy as he prefers to be called, is a relatively shy person. He tends to be reserved and non-confrontational, particularly around those with whom he is not acquainted. However, he can become very reckless if provoked. He also has a tendency to be sarcastic and cynical from time to time.

Favored Champions:[]

Diana, Gnar, and Urgot


Ozzy was born into a family of blacksmiths, but as he was a sickly child was often viewed as a disgrace. One day, when he was five, he came across a spell book and instinctively took it home and began to pour his very being into the book. After only a week of blindly this he gained the ability to use some of the spells within the book, such as invisibility. Unfortunately as Ozzy was learning more from the book, he accidentally called upon a fire spell which burned his home down. Enraged, his parents chased him away forcing him to live on the streets, surviving due to the magic he learned from the book. At the age of ten he got the idea to sneak into an academy to learn how to use the spells in the book, and actually understand his power. During the course of his observation Ozzy learned how to read, enabling him to actually learn spells and not rely on carrying a spell book everywhere he went, however his tenure as stow-away student did not last as he was caught by the school's authorities, who recognized his ability and enrolled him with the desire to conscript him into a life of service to the military. Fortunately for Ozzy he was given an opportunity to join the league of legends as a summoner by Swain, the Grand General, naturally he accepted to both escape being in the military and grow his power even further.