Name: Barry Josephson

Title(s): Summoner (used most of the time), Baron (really only used in property deeds)

Gender and Species: Male, Human

Profession: Summoner of the League of Legends, Trifling Bilgewater Aristocrat

Affiliations: Bilgewater and Piltover

Background: Edit

One day Rextreff was gardening in his noble Bilgewater house, and happened to find a bird, who he named Carlos. Unrelated to this, he joined the League some time after.

Appearance: Edit

Despite being from an island where the sun is shining a reasonably more amount of time than some other places, Rex is awfully pale for a Bilgewater citizen. He's also short for a human, only standing in somewhere between a half meter and a three quarter meter taller than the tallest yordle, and has brown hair and green eyes. Unlike plenty of other summoners, Rex rarely wears his summoner robes, going for a more a old-fashioned approach of clothing. A coat that would either be considered short, or a slightly longer cardigan, is often worn over a buttoned cotton shirt. As for pants, breeches would be a more applicable term, having held steady by a not particularly fancy belt. Boots of leather are also seen upon the feet.                                                                        

Personality: Edit

Unlike the majority of the population of Bilgewater who foreigners liken as pirates and general scallywags, who can't be blamed, for that is really most of Bilgewater's inhabitants, Rex actively partakes in attempting to not privateer any sort of large seafaring vessel and would like nothing more than to be unperturbed in his techmaturgic research. Rex is a cheerful person, and tries to talk with anyone he finds interesting, though often to their annoyance as Rex has the habit of making little sense in conversation, noting that people often find his sense of humour odd. Though some put off by this, Rex is actually very perceptive and, after years of nigh oft-repeated political happenings, is actually a cunning manipulator and planner. While not studying at a random upon some subject at a whim, Rex is usually very intense, as with most things he does, at crafting some new mechanical contraption.                                     

Skills and Summoner Preferences: Edit

Possessing little natural magic of his own aside from the basic summoning magic and gardening magic, Rex focuses instead of crafting Hextech inventions, of which there are plenty, with varying degrees of success. By far the most summoned champion by nearly a factor of 2, Jayce is among a favourite of Rex's, who admires Piltover and their dedication to progress. The next most summoned champions are Jarvan IV, Garen, Graves, Corki, Caitln, and Heimerdinger.