Summoner Deployments are the in Universe name given to Factions Roleplaying Campaigns. As of yet, the "Official" deployments are "Depths of Divinity" and "Black Water Summoner Corps Deployments". These stories have impact on the lore and events of the arcs in which they take place.

Depths of Divinity Edit

Depths of Divinity was the name given to the mission issued by High Summoner Kolminye to a group of 8 summoners, two from each faction being represented in the Divinity Dispute. The mission entailed the exploration of an ancient submerged temple near the nexus. As a result of the exploration and information gathered, an object known as a "World Rune" was made known to the public, and a tournament by the league was issued. However, this was not the primary result. Within the temple was found to be an incredibly in depth and tenuous history.

Black Water Summoner Corps Deployments Edit

A series of small teams of summoners were dispatched by the league to locations around Runeterra so as to help defend against the more severe instances of the black mist. 4 teams were deployed. The first team was deployed to the Freljord, where not much help was needed due to the power of the True Ice weapons wielded by the factions of the Freljord. The second team was deployed to the highlands and hills in the area surrounding Piltover, while the third team was deployed to the Shuriman desert near the bustling city and aeroport of Bel'Zhun. The fourth team was deployed to the southern coasts on the far side of the Kumungu jungles. Each team faced spirits and spectral foes of creatures native to the areas, risen by the black mists.