Zaun is a nation both famous and infamous acros Valoran for it's philosphies on unbound experimentation and free enterprise, giving as a result a city of fast and bold innovations and economic growth at the cost of the saftey and general welfare of the majority of it's citiziens, byproduct of unrestrained corporate activity and the refuse of techmaturgical experiments that pollute the air, water and streets. It competes with its neighbour Piltover as the vanguard for technological advancements in Runeterra.

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The Marketing Division of Thaumacola corportaion is a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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Society Edit

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People Edit

From an old forum thread:

  • Chairman Magnus Dunderson, Zaun’s Chief Executive (Issue 5)
  • Darin the Daring (Issue 25)
  • Dr. Aregor Priggs (Zaun official and businessman, CEO of Priggs Industries, Grave’s lore, Issue 29)
  • Dr. Xavier Rath (Twisted Fate’s lore)
  • Edward Manfred (Issue 29)
  • Falren Danart (son to owner of Danart Chemicals, Issue 29)
  • Istvaan (Zaun summoner, Fiddlestick’s lore)
  • Professor Stanwick Pididly/Pididily (Blitzcrank/Urgot lore, Chairman as of Issue 27, Issue 3)
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  • Zaun Security Supervisor, Rhoman Plath (Issue 14)
  • Warwick’s kidnapper (Issue 10)

Places Edit

From an old forum thread. Accursed Trinket (disreputable Zaun bar, Issue 10) Aerial Corrosive Mine (Karma’s lore) Blitzlings (Blitzcrank theoretical concept, Issue 18) Board of Directors (Issue 25) Zaun's College of Techmaturgy Council of Zaun Danart Chemicals (Issue 29) Darin’s Daring Dirigible Delivery (Issue 25) Fleshling Compatibility Services, Pairing Eligibility Reactors of Valoran, Blitzernet (launch March 21 CLE, Issue 17) Zaun Glowlight Festival (Issue 1) Zaun Gray (unnatural sky color, Issue 7) hexvein conduit/power node (used by Zaun, Issue 14) Lead Zeppelin (39 meters, Zaun) Zaunite Melters (war machines, something like explosive artillery, Riven’s lore) Mundomania (Issue 7) Northern Exposure/Lights (Zaun-based, Noxian affiliated entertainment company, ‘Pads’ Issue 7) Pentakill’s single “Mask of Madness” Issue 9) Priggs Industries (Issue 29) Shimmer (Issue 5) Singed Brewing Co. (now distributes Graggy Ice, Issue 27) Techma-Tune (“The Hexbenders,” “Yordle Mothership,” or “Tainted Nexus” Trogsworth's Tavern (Zaun’s trade district, Issue 9) Vaskervon Coliseum (Zaun, Issue 5) Whispered Rumor (most popular Zaun café, Issue 7)

Relationship with other nations Edit

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